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Framed Print Facial Lines SALE 40% off. Reduced from $45 to $27

W 35cm x H 45cm

The Framed Print Facial Lines presents an incomplete image of a pretty woman's face through the use of just lines alone! This framed art print is the perfect choice when it comes to breathing new life into the ambiance of interior decorations in homes, offices, shops, and every other formal or informal decorative setting. This is because this artwork possesses a universal aesthetic appeal suitable for almost every décor.


Featuring three different layers each of which is entirely a different material component, the Framed Print Facial Lines is a variegated combination of materials in order to produce this splendidly beautiful simplicity. Using just black lines over a multiple hued background, this unique art print showcases a partial image of a woman's face. In essence, the outlined contours include the left eyebrow, eyelid, left cheeks, bridge and tip of the nose, full lips and an oval jaw. 

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