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Framed Print Colour Palm

Size: 45x45cm
A tropical ambience, efflorescence with pastel tones, abstract patterns, vivid succulent, and a tint of yellow and green tones all makes up Framed Print Colour Palm. This is an exotic wall design that will mix well with eclectic interior decor and brings one closer to Nature. With its Mother Nature essence, this framed art will revitalize one's interior.
Homeowners without a hitch will impress guests with this exclusive wall art that makes a grand statement. Supplement lifeless space with art brings about impressive room decoration.
This artwork comes in beautiful texture, making it a breathtaking focal point in a gallery wall using MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) for a splendid resin artwork. Its MDF frame is an engineered wood product, and it makes excellent surfaces for resin. The nifty MDF surface has been primed to tightening the board and to make the colours pop. This technique impedes the board from sagging in the centre.
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