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Framed Canvas Stories SALE 40% off. Reduced from $85 to $51

60cm x 80cm

Open your mind to a unique interpretation of beauty with this Framed Canvas. Get one for your home today!

If you're a minimalist looking to add the perfect piece of artwork to your home, then we have just the right thing for you! This framed canvas is sure to add beauty and elegance to whatever wall it touches. Made sustainably with natural products like resin, pine and canvas, this artwork is a prime example of the spirit of modern art- simple yet beautiful.

The soft pastel hues on the canvas combined with the circular shapes are sure to please all lovers of abstract art who like to perceive beyond the literal and assign their own meaning to art pieces. This canvas comes in a light wooden frame, so you don't have to worry about its durability and weight. A flawless fit for both office and home decor ready to intrigue and awe all the eyes it catches. The artwork also makes an excellent option to gift all your artsy friends and loved ones!

Free delivery to anywhere within 8kms of Glenelg

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