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Beach Bag Combi SALE 40% off. Reduced from $50 to $30

64cm x 60cm x 22cm

These bags are super over sized!  A day at the beach should be all about fun and relaxation without the usual worries about whether you will be able to carry all you need in your bag - a worry for most who like to carry things that makes them comfortable through the day.
Spacious, lightweight yet sturdy, and delightfully designed using material that makes it unique in its look, this is a beach accessory you would certainly wish to own if the beach is where you heart is this summer.
When planning on your day at the beach carrying multitudes of things without having them scattered into too many bags is a necessity - taking care of giving you space, style and a hardy tough option is this neoprene foam made beach bag that comes in the most lightweight and spacious avatar. The pretty pink coloured linen cover adds to its inimitable charm. The soft pastel print adds to its holiday ready looks. Edging in black gives definition to its design.
Free delivery to anywhere within 8kms of Glenelg

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