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Pot Plant Moai White with plant

11.5cm x 11.5cm x 11cm
This little cutie is the perfect little gift for someones desk or shelf.  White and wonderful looking in aesthetic appearance.  With this planting pot moulded through the use of high grade ceramic material that was fired at such extreme temperatures, you can be guaranteed of long lasting usage.
What is perhaps most appealing about this Planter Moai White is its classic choice of white palette and the thematic decoration of a smiling face. The choice of white palette dotted with pastel blue speckles which characterises the exterior glazing of this planting pot makes it possible for this pot to blend in seamlessly into every decorative atmosphere be it modern, traditional or minimalist since the colour white is a universal colour that complements and agrees with every other colour. The interior is a shade of independence blue hue.
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