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Hanging Pot Still Waters with Pink Fuchsia Plant

17cmx 17cm x 16.5cm

Handcrafted and Painted item - imperfections will be found this is part of the uniquiness of the product.

The best kind of floral display is those that trail down a wall, hang glamorously on windows and loll along with bookcases and ceilings. This planter features an impressive texture with a feel of uniqueness and a Bohemian accent rope to hang it with. Did I mention its colour scheme is balanced, gaining an eye-catching spotlight?

Planter Hang Still Waters is upscale either for its plastic and metal equivalents. Its thick ceramic walls protect the plants from a sudden temperature change. Ceramics also hold in moisture, which allows you to go longer in between watering. The best part? Asides from ceramic planters being functional and aesthetically pleasing, ceramics have good wear resistance and high resistance to corrosion. The durability of this product makes it elegant for special occasions and also perfect for everyday use.

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