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Shopper Basket Woven Peach with Flowers

42cm x 14cm x 36cm

Gorgeous gift! Beautiful long stem gift wrapped flowers with a cute pink basket.

Make your shopping days field with a stylish kind of easy with this easy shopper. Textured and woven in delectable shade that is sure to uppe your fashionable look. Sturdy structure, ease in carrying and the kind of capacity to hold great deal of your load, this would be great option to consider of you need that versatile shopping bag tata also looks delightfully stylish.

It has been crafted from paper which makes it lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold most of your showing. The round curved handles will sit on your wrist or your arm and swing from your fingers providing you a great kind of grip. The woven body is stretched across the metal made frame that gives this bag is delightful elegant shape. Curved from the top to the base it has a width of 14 cm thus giving it a wide enough base to be placed on a flat surface. The delicate shade, the round handles, the tassel that drops from the handle and the simple pattern makes this a covetable bag if style is as important to you as ease of carrying a bag.

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