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Framed Print Mother's Tongue SALE 40% off. Reduced from $55 to $33

45cm x 55cm

The serpentine patterned on the leaf is the dead giveaway-after all, to see a unique artistic interpretation is like reading art in different language-the more you begin to understand the language-deeper your absorption. Here is a simple yet impactful take on the plant whose leaf has pattern which gives its identity away instantly and yet the artist has decided on giving it a completely fresh appeal.
The leaf design of the print is simple-the form identifiable and the colours -what would give you summer ready home the kind of cool vibration it needs. Bring to your walls the simple elegance that art prints offer to you in this latest range of delectable modern art prints.
They come in a variety of nature based themes -the botanical element in them renders the space more summery and fresh. Besides the completely new treatment of the subject lends it that all important contemporary flair. Classic art prints from Lost Heaven come in a neat finish-the MDF backing, real wood frame adding to its desirable features. It could be used in singles or be combined quite easily with several of the kind that will make large wall look magnificent and quite the centre of attention for your theme.
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